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from March, 28 to June 23, 2019.<br />
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© Nacása & Partners Inc. / Courtesy of Fondation d'entreprise Hermès View of the booth B.17, Drawing Now Paris 2016, Le Carreau du Temple, courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris. Picture of the Saint-Hilaire's workshop, Moribhan, 2013. <br />
Picture : Baptiste François. « Dérives » Installation at AU dormintory, Acrylic, pigment and earth on wall, ceiling,  pole and stainless steel handrai, variable size, Nansana, Ouganda, 2015.Guest by TERRAIN Architects.<br />
Picture : Baptiste François « Chêne Châtaigne » Chapelle Notre-Dame du Cloître, 21th edition in "Art Dans Les Chapelles" lime, limewater, natural pigment, acrylic on wall, ceiling and beam of the Chapel, variable size, Quistinic, France, 2012. Guest by Emilie Ovaere-Corthay et Karim Ghaddab. Picture : Stéphane Cuisset « Série Gallo-Romain V » acrylic et aluminium on canvas, hinge, left panel 33 x 41 cm, right panel 38 x 55 cm, 2015. Picture : Baptiste François Minerals series, XVI, Kyanite, 2017, acrylic and aluminium on canvas, left panel 20 x 30 cm, right panel 20 x 30 cm, offset 5cm, diptych, photo, Jean-François Rogeboz, courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.<br />
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