Kusnir, et moi aussi

Carlos Kusnir, #7 clous à Marseille, chez Patrick Raynaud

September, 27 to November 2nd 2020

150 rue de Crimée, 13003 Marseille


MATHIEU PERNOT • BNF François-Mitterrand

24 October - 4 February

Works of Mathieu Pernot are on view at the group show " French landscapes: a photographic experience (1984 - 2017)".

Bibliothèque nationale de France
Galeries 1 et 2
Quai François Mauriac
75706 Paris


La Couleur

Du 5 juillet au 30 septembre 2019

La Couleur brings together ten artists: five "newcomers" to Royan, and as many artists already presented by the C.A.P. ROYAN (but with unpublished works).

In this more international exhibition, photography will also give color the very first role.

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