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From October the 13th to January the 6th, 2019.

The Mathieu Pernot's photographs stemming from this documentary work, assembled into series, show deserted and disembowelled buildings, open doors and empty cells. By underlining their absence, they make paradoxically visible the life of the inmates to a society that couldn’t see them. By making his photographs dialogue with inscriptions and images taken from the walls, Mathieu Pernot tells the story of this inside life with different voices.

"Portes" - Domaine de Chaumont-de-Loire

Côme Mosta-Heirt

From March 30 to November 3, 2019

Les "Portes" of Côme Mosta-Heirt, presented this year in the cellar of the Castle, were designed from its observation of the Bay of Etretat. It is, in fact, framed by two limestone cliffs that resemble these "jambs": the Amont gate and the Aval gate.

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